What Is The Purpose of NAMCA?

  • To establish communications between internal audit groups in the motor carrier industry.
  • To encourage a frank exchange of ideas regarding our profession and our industry.
  • To promote discussion pertaining to common problems and pitfalls.
  • To develop concepts which will aid in the achievement of our audit mission and objectives.
  • To introduce fresh ideas which can be shared and discussed with group members.
  • To stay informed of current developments in our industry and in our profession.
  • To look to the future in terms of progressive self-improvement.
  • To convene on a regular basis for the purpose of sustaining these interchanges.


A Sample of Auditing Topics Discussed At Previous Conferences:       

  • Risk models and audit plans.
  • Auditing service standards.
  • Salvage freight procedures.
  • Controlling driver collections.
  • Procurement cards.
  • Information security.
  • Automated audit techniques.



National Association of Motor Carrier Auditors

What Is The National Association Of Motor Carrier Auditors?

             The NAMCA was organized specifically to address the auditing needs of the motor carrier industry. As you know, there are other organizations that deal with auditing in general, but there is no other organization that deals with the special interest of motor carrier auditing.